Procedures: How to upload Files Via FTP Software such as CUTE FTP ? Print

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Description :

The FTP refers to File Transfer Protocol a method by which file are transferred to the remote server from local system.

Required Information :

Please download CUTE FTP from their website and install it in your system.

Procedure :

[1] Click on File >> New >> FTP Site
[2] Under General Tab
[3] Label - Provide the site name
[4] Host Address :ftp.domainname ( or ) ip

* User Name : Your ftp user name
* Password : Your ftp password
* Login Method : Choose normal

[4] Click on Type Tab

* Protocol Type >> Choose FTP with TLS/SSL (AUTH TLS - Explicit)
* Port : 21

[5] Server Type >> Choose Auto DetectData Connection Type >> Choose User Global SettingsTransfer Type >> Choose Use Global SettingServer Time Zone >> No OffsetCheck the Check box " Clear Data Channel " [ Without this it will not work ]
[6] Click on connect now
[ If any prompt to accept the certificate appears, please accept it as the server used open ssl ]

* Now you should be able to view the local system in left side and server in the right side.
* You can now start uploading the contents in your httpdocs directory by drag the contents from the local system in left side to server in the right side.


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