Procedures : How to get main FTP details for a domain ? Print

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Description :

This feature allows you to get main FTP details for a domain

Required Information :

Your domain's Plesk control panel user name and password.

Procedure :

Please note that for every domain there is one main FTP account. It will be created while hosting the domain itself. We are not providing additional FTP account in shared hosting environment.

Kindly follow the below procedure to reset the ftp password.

[1] Access your control panel at [ Example :https://www.servername:8443 ]


[2] Click on subscriptions.

[3] Click on subscription name for which you want to change the FTP password

[4] Click on Website & Domains and click on " Web hosting Access "


[5] Change the FTP password.

[6] Click on ok.

Note : Give the FTP password very tough which consists of alphanumeric characters.


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