How to Access Mail Accounts

Accessing Email Accounts

Once you create the email id you can access the email accounts in the below way.

1> Accessing Email Accounts via webmail:

You can use the below URL to access your mails.


2> Configuring Email Accounts in Outlook:

We always suggest you to configure the email accounts  in the outlook,so that you will download the mails in the local and keep the backup at your end.You should not stack the emails in the server which will create the disk integrity issue.

Please follow the below procedure for outlook configuration

1] Launch Outlook Express

[2] Click on Tools menu

[3] Click on Accounts

[4] Click on mail menu

[5] Click on Add >> New mail

[6] Enter Your Name

[7] Enter your existing email ID

[8] Enter your mail server and smtp details

Incoming Mail Server : mail.domainname or serverip

Outgoing SMTP: mail.domainname or serverip

[9] Enter your full email ID [i.e] email ID @ your domain name .com For

example :

[10] Click on finish

[11] Click on properties

[12] Click on servers

[13] In out going mail server >>> Check My server Requires Authentication

[14] Click on settings

[15] Choose Log On Using

[16] In Account Name Give Full Email ID [ Example : ]

[17] Supply password

[18] Click on remember password

[19] Click OK

[20] Click on close

[21] Click on SEND/RECEIVE menu >> Choose Receive All

[22] Click on unread messages to read your mails

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